About Cookies

We use cookies to ease the use of our websites.

What is cookies?

A cookie is a text file when connecting to a site is saved on and subsequent visits, retrieved from, the visitor's computer or computer-like devices such as mobile phones. The cookie is stored adjacent to the files used by your computer's browser or equivalent program.  The computer user can easily take part of, block and remove the stored cookies if desired.

We use statistics in aggregated form about users / traffic and suppliers. Such statistics, however, never contains any type of personal information. Everything is anonymous. IP addresses are not saved in our database that stores behavior on the site; therefore can the information about you never be linked to your identity. Your IP address will be saved for security reasons only in cases where you actively register on the website.

We use cookies:

To observe the user behavior and thereby collect data for improving and develop the site.
Gather information and statistics about visits / frequent visits order to adapt our services. Gather information about users' behaviors to adapt and limit the content and advertising on sites visited.

How to prevent cookies from being stored:

You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time, but this means that your personal settings will be lost as well.