Star of Hope

OBH Nordica has for the past 17 years chosen to support the Star of Hope organization and their work with orphans who through financial aid get a chance to an education and a better life. Our management team has repeatedly visited our sponsored children and seen how well the Star of Hope works in vulnerable countries.

The company currently has 30 sponsored children that through monthly contributions get the chance to go to school, nutritious food and eventually a job that brings new opportunities.

Our employees are also heavily involved in our support for the Star of Hope and our sponsored children. Several have also privately chosen to become involved by sponsoring their own sponsored children. Nordica can heartily recommend the Star of Hope and their activities.

About Star of Hope

Star of Hope is an independent collection and aid organization whose work is based on the values that every human being has the same rights and value, regardless of color, religion, ethnic or social origin. Children and their environment are central to the work. Star of Hope's vision is that by giving children the education, care, belief in themselves, hope and optimism - they can be part of developing their countries wher the organization is active.

Star of Hope

• Daily helps nearly 30,000 children by giving them primary education, nutritious food, care and health care.

• Provides support to about 150 projects on four continents.

• Provides support for the development of villages that have improved living conditions for thousands of children and adults.

• Have been on location with support at over 50 major and minor disasters.

• Have helped change the lives of tens of thousands of children with disabilities in Eastern Europe.

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