The good life started with a hairdryer ...

A hairdryer is perhaps not the greatest legacy you could imagine. But in 1959 the professional hairdryer, previously only found in hair dressers, became available to the consumer by Bertil Joffe's revolutionary launch. This launch proved to be a huge success in the 1960s. Subsequently Joffe expanded the range with other household appliances designed for the of two of the largest retailers Coop & Åhlens. These products quickly found its place in the Swedish homes.

Two brothers and employees, Peter and Thomas Ek, would then play an important part in the company’s future, starting by buying the company in 1986. They branched out the business to include four brands, Tefal and Rowenta alongside their own brands Carmen and Nordica. However, in 2001 the owner of Rowenta and Tefal decided to start its own subsidiary in Sweden.

Danish history perspective

Ole Bødtcher-Hansen A / S was founded in 1985. In its humble beginning, the company sold tanning beds and handled the distribution in Denmark for Rowenta and a small selection of other electronics suppliers.

The merger between  OBH and Nordica

In 2002. Ole Bødtcher-Hansen A/S and Nordica AB merged into OBH Nordica A/S and launched sales offices in Norway and Finland. This was a natural development to strengthen the company’s Nordic platform and create critical mass and economies of scale. The decision was taken to launch the new brand OBH Nordica. One brand – four markets

Owners 2010

In 2010, OBH Nordica was acquired by Triton, a successful private equity firm dedicated to investing in medium-size businesses in the Nordic region and German-speaking Europe.

New owners since August 2015

In August 2015, OBH Nordica was acquired by Groupe SEB. Groupe SEB is the world leader in small domestic appliances (SDA) and is available in 150 countries and has approximately 26 000 employees.