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About Chilli


The chilli color has become somewhat of a signature color for us – and we love it! This metallic-red collection was first launched in 2005, consisting of 7 products.

The idea was born out of studies of interior design trends within kitchen and home. We observed that the market of kitchen products in 2004 consisted of either brushed steel or basic products in plastic from the color scale white to black.

At the same time, a strong trend breezed through the Scandinavian homes, where the kitchen became the room in which we invested the most.
They were preferred to be bright and white, without handles and minimalistic. They were to open up the living room – a floor plan that allowed social gatherings and blur out the lines between the host and guests. 

In this open surface the movable kitchen equipment became a way to create a hint of accent colors and to vary the interior. It was to express personality just as fabric can add emotions and color to a neutral and minimalistic living room environment.

Our contribution from OBH Nordica was that with this cocky yet classic metallic-red chilli colored design spice up the kitchen.

The chilli color has since then become immensely popular and our range of chilli-red products has been expanded through the requests that have flowed to us from happy owners of chilli products.


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