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Mix & Blend

Very powerful kitchen machine from the popular Chilli series. Hercules kitchen machine is robust and durable and with it's timeless design it will be your new favourite in the kitchen. With a 1200 watt engine this machine can handle everything: Knead the bread dough, whisk the egg whites and beat the cake batter.
  • Powerful motor 1200 Watt
  • Step-less speed control
  • 5,5 liter bowl in stainless steel
  • Inc. accessories: Splashguard, Whisk, dough hook, beater (For ex mashed potatoes, cookie fillings and frosting)
  • Adjustable height of attachments.
Powerful food processor with a 500 watt motor. With 2 speed settings and pulse function it will help you out in the kitchen. This food processor also has a whisk accessory for you to whip for example fluffy cream.
  • 500 watt motor, 2 speed settings and pulse function
  • Capacity plastic bowl: 2,0 l/ 1,2 l for liquid ingredients
  • 5 attachments: slicing, shredding and French fry insert.
  • Knife in stainless steel. Knife in plastic for kneading and disc for whipping of for example cream
  • Plastic attachments are dishwashable
Stick mixer in the popular Chilli series. Perfect for mixing soups, baby food or milk shake in seconds. Stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle with two speed settings
  • Slim and ergonomic handle with 2 speed settings
  • Knives in stainless steel
  • Can be used in boiling liquids such as soups.
  • 400 W motor
  • DC motor
Stylish and efficient hand mixer included in the Chilli series. Whisk everything from eggs to whipped cream, or knead your dough quickly and easily with the five speed settings.
  • Hand mixer with 5 speed settings and pulse function
  • Motor 300 Watt
  • Whisks and dough hooks in stainless steel
Compact blender in the Chilli series. Create healthy smoothies and shakes using your favourite berries and fruit.
  • 2 speed settings and pulse function
  • Blends, mixes and crushes ice
  • Detachable knives for easy cleaning
  • 0,8 l glass jar
  • 300 W
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