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Cooking methods


Perfectly marinated in no time!

If you marinate the meat before using the food sealer the meat will never loose contact with the seasoning and you’ll therefore keep all the flavors in the meat.

You can even quicken the marinating process if you do it under vacuum pressure. The pressure will open up the pores in the meat and absorb the marinade faster.

In this way you’ll be able to marinate your food in only a couple of hours instead of days! 



Hot fill – fast cooling of leftovers

It is the amount of air around the food that determines how long shelf life the food has.

Hot fill is a cooking technique that’s similar to Sous Vide. The food is cooked through regular methods and is then packed into sealed bags.

When that’s been done it is time to cool the food as fast as possible down to 3 °C. The food can then easily be heated up again in water or in an oven (at a temperature below 100 °C), or taken out of the bags and heated the regular way. It should be as little air as possible in order to get the best result.

To seal your food while it’s hot increases the lifetime significantly in contrast to regular cooking and wrapping.

You should however be careful not to burn your fingers. The food should also not be to liquid.


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